Dress Like A Mum – aka Zoe De Pass – gets our hero vote for keeping it real, belly laughs, ALL the outfits and sharing cocktail inspiration when we’ve never needed it more.

Not all heroes wear capes. Well, actually this one sometimes does. Usually of the glittery variety. But she also wears covetable jumpsuits, frocks and – importantly right now – tracksuits. After all, @dresslikeamum – aka Zoe De Pass – started her account to dismantle the baffling idea that being a mum somehow renders women suddenly sartorially deficient.

Dressing like a mum has, for inexplicable reasons, often been used as a derogatory term. For her work in championing the idea that being well dressed means being happy with what you’re wearing and in encouraging women not to be inhibited by others’ judgement when it comes to trying new styles, we salute her. For her chaotic make-up tutorials, which never fail to make us laugh mostly because we relate hard to them, she’ll always be a hero.

In lockdown however, her hero status has only been amped up. Having just moved from London to an in-between basement rental in Brighton with her family when lockdown hit, she shares the candid realities of life on the inside with a family. We love that she does it all with a smile. What’s more, she’s sharing cocktail recipes on IGTV and has already inspired us to make strawberry daiquiris, which are never not a good idea. Dresslikeamum, for the outfits, the drinks and for keeping it real: you’re our hero.

By Nancy Alsop
May 2020


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