The serial myth-busting NHS doctor explains and cuts through some of the misinformation surrounding Covid-19.

Dr Josh Wolrich is just the sort of doctor one would hope to be treated by, as well as being a living, shining example of the brilliance of, and our indebtedness to, the NHS. Kind, compassionate and totally no-nonsense, he has made it his mission to dispel the nonsense – or #nutribollocks, as he puts it – that has sprung up around the wellness industry in recent years, as visible glowing rude health has somehow become equated with moral superiority (and, of course, the inverse) in certain corners of life and the internet. As his latest post makes clear, such spurious initiatives as ‘sucrose intolerance week’ are nothing more than claptrap made up by drug manufacturing companies, who pay influencers to encourage people to believe they have extremely rare medical conditions, all for their own profit.

Now, as fire fighting Covid-19 takes precedence throughout the NHS, he has turned his Instagram page over to similarly busting fear-mongering myths that are springing up left, right and centre about the virus too. He points out, for example, that the thinking around avoiding Ibuprofen as an aggravator of the virus is based on inconclusive research (he promises at all times to keep his page up-to-date as evidence emerges); he urges people not to share or take notice of ‘hilarious’ weight-gain-in-lockdown memes as entirely unhelpful; and he reassures followers that BMI is not a risk-factor when it comes to admission to ICU with coronavirus.

Social media platforms can be wonderful for the sharing of information. The flipside, however, remains that sources are not necessarily verified or indeed trustworthy, creating a lot of noise for people to cut through. Thank goodness then for dependable, plain speaking and truthful professionals like Dr Wolrich. To him, and to the wider NHS: we could not be more grateful for everything you do.

April 2020
By Nancy Alsop


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