Clap eyes on the most enchanting al fresco feasts from all around the world.

The human ability to seek and find the universal – those threads that run through and connect all of our lives – will always be our saving grace. And nowhere does that commonality manifest so reliably as in the food that we eat; breaking bread is, after all, at once a necessity and a great joy. Cooking and sharing food with friends or strangers are acts of generosity that instantly bring us closer; and no matter how far we are from home, mealtimes can dually bring both the comfort of familiarity and the prompt to try something new and embark on an adventure in food.

It is for this reason – as well as for its sheer beauty – that we adore @oursecretsupper’s grid. Travelling to far-flung destinations to feast outdoors is its raison d'être, all the while actively seeking culinary experiences to expand the palette and the mind.

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Last fall we hosted a supper at @livingcirclefarm, in their stunning, almost untouched land on Cachagua Road in Carmel Valley. Breathtaking views for as long as your eyes could see… All of that natural beauty had even more meaning paired with Rob & Jen’s dream of creating a permaculture community farm.? ? Earlier this week, Rob and Jen evacuated their land as they watched most of what they had built in the last 4 years in their journey to make Living Circle Farm a reality become engulfed in flames.? ? Their farm animals and beehives survived the fire but this is, undoubtedly, a trying time for Living Circle Farm. Despite this challenge, Rob and Jen are hopeful and fully committed to rebuilding a place for community to come together.? ? A friend of Rob and Jen’s set up a GoFundMe to help them rebuild their dream. You can find it on our Stories or at @livingcirclefarm, where you can also follow along on their journey.? ? Please stay safe if you are near the wildfires! ?? . Photos 1 & 2 by @carly.e.diaz

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As the people behind it explain, ‘Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation. Through these experiences, we’ve found our passion to inspire intentional living.’

What we are drawn inexorably to are the outdoor locations of Secret Supper’s now legendary spreads – which are invariably of impossible beauty – as well as their uncanny ability to lay a table and create an atmosphere that we ache to be a part of.

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Let’s live vicariously through our March supper in the mind blowing Valle de Guadalupe, right before we were bound home for days on end. We are embracing the future with all of its challenges, by taking a peek to the past. Valle de Guadalupe is one of the most inspiring places we’ve ever visited. It is Mexico’s most coveted wine region and it’s bursting at the seams with amazing wine, incredibly fresh and delicious food and the kindest and warmest people at every turn! Join us in reliving an unforgettable gathering in Valle de Guadalupe through the link in our bio! We can’t wait to have you at our table, hopefully very soon! Photo by @carly.e.diaz • • • • • #secretsupperliving #wanderingsoul #traveltheworld???? #seeyourcommunity #mytravelstory #letstraveltogether #bespoketravel #neverstoplearning #bettertogether #gatheraftercovid #communitytogether #travelcaptures #mexicanwine #valledeguadalupe #travelmexico????????

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These are not staged images of people having a good time; these are folk palpably revelling in hearty generous repasts in great company, sprinkled liberally with great conversations. Frankly, we want in (though the organisers may wish to be forewarned that if we ever get our wish, we may be singularly hard to shake off again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you).

@Oursecretsupper, for the dreamiest of images that have sparked innumerable daytime reveries of a post pandemic world and for the reminder of the pre pandemic convivial one we inhabited until not so long ago: you’re our hero.

By Nancy Alsop
August 2020


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