Instagram feeds making us dream of Morocco, as chosen by Emma Wilson of Beldi Rugs.

‘Instagram really allows us to really connect with our clients and followers with all aspects of the business and share behind-the-scenes stories or sneak peeks in a really accessible way,’ explains Emma Wilson, founder of Beldi Rugs. ‘We’re a small family orientated business so connecting with people is important to us. And I could spend hours being inspired by other feeds!’

Emma Wilson fell in love with Morocco’s elegant, rustic simplicity nineteen years ago. She made her home there and built a business stylishly renovating traditional Moroccan houses for rent to discerning holidaymakers via her other company, Castles in the Sand.

Emma’s homes have featured in numerous interiors, style and architecture magazines and prove particularly popular with musicians and film stars alike. As part of her service to guests, Emma enjoys showing them around the local markets and sourcing artefacts for them. Over the years she has built up trusted relationships with local traders and developed an unrivalled expertise that gives Beldi Rugs the edge over other companies. Emma has access to pieces that, quite simply, other buyers will never get to see. Here, she chooses five insta-bohemian feeds!


I absolutely love and respect these guys for the work they do. Theirs is a thankless task; providing love and a comfortable home to retired working donkeys and mules. Jarjeer are so genuine and dedicated, it's truly heartwarming to follow and support them giving love and respect to these animals who thoroughly deserve some kindness after a gruelling lifetime of service. This epitomises Morocco. I encourage everyone to support them and give generously.


Most people think of Morocco for its souks and deserts, Explora Morocco share another one of its biggest assets - the ocean! I just love their family focused and down-to-earth culture. From beginner to pro, you'll want to catch a wave with these guys and see Morocco from a different angle.


I had the privilege of working with Asa on a fashion story for ELLE Romania in Essaouira. She captured the spirit and beauty of my home so gracefully. I never tire of her imagery. She continually amazes me how she can capture the femininity, beauty, grace and power of a woman in one whimsical yet striking moment. Asa is totally inspiring and otherworldly.


Beldi Rugs' sister company, boho-chic guesthouses mixes quirky 60's with authentic tribal artefacts. It’s a stylish home away from home. It offers the discerning traveller a touch of real Essaouira - and a cool place to hang out away from the hustle of Medina life. Their personal concierge service ensures that clients enjoy little known Moroccan secrets, from secret beaches to unique eateries that most tourists simply don't get to experience.


Absolute Moroccan interiors eye candy - these contemporary handmade concrete tiles are a new take on a local artisan skill. There's something about Moroccan style that makes "more is more" okay! As westerners, we are so fond of the "less is more" approach with interiors (I myself am an extreme maxi-minimalist) so there's something really liberating to just explore, and appreciate, the opposite design aesthetic. Popham Design have captured the maxi colour and pattern, traditional of Moroccan tiles, but giving it a fresh, modern interpretation. I'm addicted!

July 2017