Instagram tip-offs from the social media star and design royalty.

India Hicks may live on a small island in the Bahamas but that hasn’t held back her entrepreneurial spirit. She knows, more than most, how technology makes the world a smaller place and how hard work makes dreams happen. Lucky for the voyeurs among us, the author and TV personality shares her multidimensional, unpredictable – and impossibly glamorous - life through social media, her lifestyle books and site,

After designing bath, bedding, beauty and jewellery in partnership with others, India launched her own lifestyle brand: India Hicks. These collections are sold through entrepreneurial women at home, online or one-to-one. This is more than a trunk show business, it’s about building a community.

Here, India offers tip-offs by sharing the five Instagram feeds she loves to follow.


Stephanie von Watzdorf is a dear friend of mine who works her ass off every day, loves creativity and dachshunds. She is a true entrepreneur.


Laura Brown is Editor of InStyle. She is refreshingly down-to-earth and absolutely bonkers. She is Editor of a powerhouse yet she posts the unexpected.


Uberta Zambeletti is founder of the coolest concept store in Milano. She has a strong point of view and is never afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Brittan Goetz is a Renaissance women with a great eye, sharp wit and kind heart. She brings our collections to life through her astute camera lens.


I spend so much of my life travelling away from home, I stay in touch with my better half (David Flint Wood) through his daily postings. His Instagram posts are like a modern-day postcard.

India's newest line to launch is Legacy Letters, visit

March 2017