The founders of Octavia Hix turned to Instagram and a unique hashtag to spread the word about their new brand.

Like all budding entrepreneurs of today, sisters Vix and Hattie Clark turned to Instagram and a unique hashtag to spread the word about their new brand. Their offering? A hot new British clothes label called, Octavia Hix that specialises in 100% silk dresses for city and beach life. The beaches of Rio and the wilds of the Serengeti inspire the latest prints. They also sell matching mini dresses so daughters can imitate their mothers. Their brand has become synonymous with a cobalt blue colour earning them the nickname, the blue dress girls.

‘One of the most influential factors in the growth of the brand has been our Instagram account,’ explains Vix. ‘People often comment on how much they love the flow of our Instagram. Alongside being able to brand the business visually so well with Instagram we love the fact it allows us to connect with our clients. We make sure we always put pictures up of our customers in all their various wonderful locations and urge all these women to use the hashtag #inoctaviahix. We get so much pleasure and joy out of seeing all these beautiful people in our creations.’

Here Vix shares her five favourite Instagram feeds to follow


Prepare to buy cards by the thousands. Studio Sarah London is such an awesome Instagram account. Her amazing stationery gave us so much inspiration for our branding.


You can’t pay money to get Rosie Fortescue’s style. It is faultless. Her Instagram account is an example of how beautiful and effortless this little fashionista and entrepreneur is.


We get so many of our print ideas from just walking streets and beaches in various locations and this account was such a gem of a find for us, its amazing how much beauty, inspiration and interest you can find in a door.


Every single girl that loves travelling, fashion and beauty should be following this account put together by Leonie Hanne. We want to be Leonie.


Pantone’s book is simple yet oh so effective. We refer to our Pantone book daily for our colours and inspo. Yet it is their Instagram account that allows us to visualise the colours so much better, not to mention give you great ideas for names.

March 2017