The best things on Instagram by Holly Tucker who launched a new platform, Holly & Co supporting small businesses and artisans.

‘I adore Instagram,’ says Holly Tucker MBE who spent a decade creating gift site Not On The High Street and has just launched Holly & Co. ‘It’s without doubt my most used form of social media.’ As the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses, she supports Artisans to help them make a living doing what they love. Her latest venture Holly & Co is already a well-supported online platform providing free advice and a busy community for small businesses and artisans. This spring, she opened a unique shop and café encouraging small businesses to meet face-to-face rather than relying on online meetings.

Holly says of Instagram, ‘I’m a very visual person, a true believer that a picture can tell a thousand words and seeing an image will often spark my imagination and form the basis of my writing. In fact, my Instagram account formed the foundations of Holly & Co which has since has grown into the all encompassing site that it is today.’ Here she picks the five feeds she wants you to follow.


I hugely admire Anya. She has managed to not only grow her business into the world wide brand that it is today, but has also kept creativity at the very heart of her company.


I am a home interior addict. There, I’ve said it. Edit58 is right at the top of my list for things that I love and a bit of inspiration.


Zaria Lynn is the most incredible artist. She creates beautiful landscapes using pastels, all documenting climate change and the effect it’s having on our world. A m
ust follow Instagram account to remind ourselves of the bigger picture.


I am passionate about the revival of old crafts and keeping them alive in our modern world, particularly in the UK. The Globemakers are an amazing example of the incredible industries we have in the UK. The level of detail that goes into these beautiful works just fascinates me.


I have a creative mind, as do my team, so we’re all very visual! Give me a document filled with images over pages of black and white words any day. Maria Andrew gets it just right every time.

June 2017