The best Instagram feeds to follow by Hollie Brooks of award-winning online homeware boutique, Audenza.

Audenza was founded by three colourful women passionate about empowering others to have the courage to fearlessly embrace their own interiors style and to design a truly fabulous home to #livefabulousandfearless.

With a keen eye for detail, we asked one of the trio, Hollie Brooks to share her Instagram feed with us and these are the people she recommends following:

1. @frenchforpineapple

Bianca’s home is stunning. Her Instagram feed provides daily inspo and updates from her constantly evolving home, with the most incredible DIY ideas, most of which I’ll probably never get round to trying myself, but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it!

2. @sophiefrenchcreative

I have recently just come across Sophie’s feed and I love her advice for motivation, self-love and reaching your goals. I think it’s really important in business, and in life, to have constant reminders of what’s important and Sophie’s daily posts make me stop for a moment and think.

3. @theonlygirlinthehouse

Jess’ Instagram is all about the carnage and chaos which ensues from being a mum and step-mum to five boys. I’m not even a mum myself, but I do come from a big family and her captions are both hilarious and heart-warming. I think she’s also putting a really important message out there about real-life parenting and not always having it all together, but being a fantastic parent anyway.

4. @pinkhouseliving

Bold, colourful interiors and witty captions. Not only is Emily’s home gorgeous, I love her sense of humour. It’s no wonder she’s taking the interior blogging world by storm.

5. @verilymag

Probably one of the first Photoshop-free magazines and a fantastic source of empowerment for women.

February 2018