Who to follow in 2018: We’ve asked jewellery designer Ananya Malhotra who we should follow on Instagram this year.

Ananya was born into a creative family with a heritage in design and fashion. Her first foray into the world of fashion was working as a fashion illustrator, learning to pay close attention to the details of fabrics. She then became skilled in pattern-making while spending time in her family's factory (her parents are behind the Evoluzione outlets in India). It was a choice between fashion and jewellery when she came to London, however it was jewellery that fascinated her, and ultimately where she discovered her love for design at Central Saint Martins in London, where she gained a Bachelor’s Degree.

A certified gemologist, Ananya is passionate about minimalist and vintage Indian jewellery. The Ananya collections celebrate and rediscover the profoundly personal meanings behind jewellery, with every item within the range having a meaning at its heart, in design and materiality. Every Ananya design has a story to tell even before it is worn, as it carries the unique vision and creative heritage of Ananya Malhotra herself. Here, Ananya chooses five feeds to follow on Instagram.


It's always great to be updated about gemstones and mining and learn more about ethically sourced stones which are essential to me and the work I do.


I recently went to a raw 'cooking' course of hers. She is a positive inspirational person and creates sweet treats that nourish you inside and out. To me it is so important to be aware of what you are putting in your body and Tanya makes this an easier task.


This wonderful feed offers visual daily inspiration.


I enjoy working out and she bridges the gap between fashion and fitness so well! I love how she mingles her professional life with her personal life in her feed.


This calls itself the greatest fashion blog in the whole entire world and is a sartorially pleasing account that never fails to put me in a good mood.

January 2018