Your weekly dose of hot gossip... chosen because sometimes life shouldn’t be so serious.

We’ve chosen Popbitch as our newsletter this week because sometimes life shouldn’t be so serious.

Haven’t heard of it? Where have you been? Popbitch is the hugely popular free weekly celebrity gossip email that has been pinging into inboxes since 2000. Some say it created Noughties' celebrity culture. The wry commentary and irreverent celebrity news includes gossip, rumours and scandal from the world of celebrities, film, sport and pop culture. 23696

The viral mailout usually comes out on a Thursday and has loyal followers and a strong reputation. The site coined famous nicknames for celebrities. Among them are Madge (Madonna), Derek and Victoria (The Beckhams) and Fat Dancer (Robbie Williams). Popbitch is legendary in getting early scoops and is oft credited in tabloids. ‘The best thing about Thursday is the ray of sunshine which is the Popbitch newsletter,’ according to The Evening Standard.

Popbitch was the first to announce the name of Madonna’s son Rocco and when David Beckham was moving to Real Madrid. Don’t believe all you read; the e-letter does hit the headlines for the wrong reasons on occasion. Untruths written about Jeremy Clarkson and David Beckham have led to legal action against the site. We did say life wouldn’t be boring with Popbitch on board.

Want to help keep Popbitch alive in 2017? You can give a donation to their ‘F.U.Hackers’ appeal to ensure their ‘gossip pipeline’ reaches you. Donate here.

January 2017