Party Pieces

Everything you need for the best children's and grown up parties.

A bright and attractive site, Party Pieces is a first port of call if you are planning a children’s or adult’s party, offering everything you could possibly need to make the day a success.


Set up by Carole Middleton (mother of The Duchess of Cambridge) over 20 years ago, Party Pieces really knows what it takes to make a good party. The site is divided into categories covering Kids' Party, 1st Birthday and Special Occasions. Its bestselling kids party items can be found within the range of Kids' Party Themes where customers can buy party packs for a discount and find complimentary products selected by Party Pieces such as matching theme party bag fillers, birthday cakes and games ideas to provide the whole party package for the customer. It stocks all the latest themes from Toy Story 3 to Justin Bieber as well as seasonal themes and classic favourites, such as princess, pirate, fairy and football. It even offers Party Tips such as how to make Helium Balloon displays.


In addition to the range of children’s party ware, Party Pieces offers a range of party accessories for grown-up parties. The Special Occasions section includes party balloons as well as pieces for weddings, baby showers, hen nights, cocktail parties and other milestone party celebrations. Enjoy excellent quality photos, an easy browsing experience across the site and piece of mind that any party you throw will be a party worthy attending.