Waterproof World

Definitely essential viewing for parents of young,active toddlers and children!

What a good idea for parents of young, active children! This site sells waterproof and protective clothing for mud-loving children up to the age of 10.

They currently carry 3 brands including Kiba (a Danish brand) including coats, jackets, trousers, hats and their unique Kids Waders made from soft, breathable fabrics, as well as reflective gear. Regatta has a wide range of clothing based in the UK. Togz sells brilliant all-in-one all-weather suits for up to 4 years old, and Togz Overbooties.

The shop is divided by age group and type eg suits, jackets, trousers, waders and accessories. Items are despatched within 24 hours and sent by first class post. Payment is secure either by Nochex or Paypal.