Children mean household anarchy, so why not dress your little darlings appropriately?

Stardust is an independent fashion label for the most stylish of kids (and their parents). Founded in 1998, the company ticked along quietly until it was picked up by the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the V&A Museum in 2004. Since then, Stardust has gone from strength to strength and boasts ultra-cool mum, Gwyneth Paltrow, as one of its many fans.


Inspired by the spirit of retro punk and rock & roll, the Stardust style is colourful and playfully anarchic. Expect to find slogan t-shirts and babygros in acid greens, pinks and blues (look out for the ‘stuff the Royal Wedding’ t-shirts). Pyjamas and dresses are emblazoned with images from popular culture; Spiderman, Jackie Chan, Joe Strummer, robots and other icons of childhood and underground cool. Stardust also have a selection of leather shoes for babies which are particularly sweet and would make great presents.


If you want to give a child something special, then why not have an item of clothing personalised for him/her? Ordering is very simple; just pick a design and colour and then type in the name or slogan you want.


Stardust doesn’t stop at clothing. There are gifts for Mums (sky lanterns, t-shirts, jewellery) and Dads (punky cufflinks, belts and ties) as well as toys and gifts for children. The toys often have a retro flavour; think Spacehoppers, juggling balls, slinkies - so you can have a little stroll down memory lane while finding your child the perfect fun and cheap gift.


Stardust has recently been joined by a sister womenswear label, Dust, making clothes designed to celebrate the variety of shapes a woman can be, and all made in England!