Discover the mental-health app that wowed New Zealand and has just launched in the UK.

Feeling anxious? Turn to Thinkladder, a new app that enables users to evaluate and challenge the unhelpful beliefs associated with stress and conflict.

An inventive collaboration between therapists, writers and creatives, Thinkladder is the brainchild of New Zealanders Matt and Katie Gatt. They left their full-time jobs two years ago to devote themselves to its development. When it launched in a blaze of glamorous publicity on World Mental Health Day last October, the app went straight to the top of New Zealand’s paid download charts.

Gatt told Daily Mail Australia: “For the last decade, we’ve been involved in the people-helping industry, dreaming of how we can get the amazing therapeutic techniques and insights that exist ‘out there’ into the hands of the people who need them.

“The demand for mental health services is increasing and sometimes it cannot be met due to barriers such as cost, transport, time, accessibility and stigma.

“Thinkladder allows users to engage in a therapeutic process anywhere at any time.”

With enlightening content, social platforms and unique online experiences, Thinkladder’s aim is to enhance your personal wellbeing with healthier thought patterns, using the logic behind cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

The way it works is this. All the content on the app is categorised into accessible themes, such as “perfectionism”, “self-worth”, “quitting”, “rejection”, “decision making” and “social anxiety”.

Users click on a theme that they’d like to explore and are presented first with a series of symptoms they might be experiencing. For each symptom, there’s a “discover” button. Clicking that takes you through to a series of unhelpful beliefs that might be causing said symptom. For each unhelpful belief, there’s a “challenge” button. Clicking that takes you through to a series of insights that will helpfully resound with you.

The app’s inspirational photography and clean design put you in the right frame of mind the moment you open it. Thinkladder is bringing self-help into the 21st century.

Thinkladder is available via the App Store.

April 2018