Calling all sports fanatics: these are the top five sports apps for 2017, as picked by man in the know Benjamin Potter.

Benjamin Potter is co-founder and Creative Director at CLICKON Media, a leading sports publisher connecting a new generation of sports fans with the world’s greatest sports through trending social news and opinion-based entertaining content. CLICKON is changing the way sports fans interact with media, but also how brands interact with consumers through innovative advertising solutions.

Benjamin explains why his top five sports apps for 2017 made the cut:

Team Stream by Bleacher Report

I love how granular this app allows you to get by focusing on your favourite teams and clubs across major global sports. Unlike other apps that give you a lot of information that’s not relevant to your passion points, Team Stream is all about delivering content in real-time. As our lives get busier and time is more precious than it’s ever been, Team Stream simplifies the content experience.

BBC Sport

More nostalgic than anything else! BBC Sport, while its tech might not be as fancy as other apps, remains a timeless classic. Growing up in the UK in the 1990s, I was exposed to most sports during the golden era of BBC. This created a deeper bond with BBC Sport; a feeling that transports me back to my childhood. You’re guaranteed great journalism on the app, and stories tend to be accurate, which can’t be said for all apps out there.


ESPN is a powerhouse app that covers American sports better than anyone out there. With hundreds of new videos each day and a customisable list of sports to filter from, ESPN is a must-have for any sports junkie. If you’re subscribed to cable in the US, you can also live-stream many games which is helpful for people like me who are often on the go.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports’ coverage of Formula 1 and Football is unrivalled with expert opinions that put other apps to shame. You are guaranteed to get the best highlights from Sky’s portfolio of sports, as well as quality journalism that will keep you informed and excited throughout the day.


Offering great coverage of US-centric sports, theScore provides breaking news and statistics for the viewer that loves to analyse their favourite games. I love how you can follow individual players and receive notifications related to their best plays of the week.

April 2017