No pills, no portions, no spray. How Sleepio is revolutionizing insomnia.

Sleep scientists reported this month that we are in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic”, whose impact on our health is grave and far-reaching.

So, the launch of Sleepio – a brilliant new app that is designed to teach you how to overcome poor sleep habits, without relying on potions, pills or sprays – couldn’t come at a better time.

Created by Professor Colin Espie, a sleep expert at the University of Oxford, the Sleepio program has been shown in clinical trials to help users fall asleep up to 50 per cent faster, to reduce the time they are awake at night by up to 60 per cent and to boost their daytime energy levels by up to 50 per cent.

In the program, over a number of tailored sessions, Prof Espie teaches you a range of cognitive and behavioral techniques that are designed to improve your sleep schedule, thoughts and lifestyle.

He says: “The most effective, long-term solution for poor sleep is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which addresses both the mental and the behavioral parts of the individual’s sleep pattern by helping the person to think and behave differently in relation to their sleep, in such a way that normal, good sleep can return.

“Sleepio is a clinically proven, digital sleep improvement program that uses CBT techniques to help users with persistent sleep problems.”

Fans of the app have said the following:

“I found this app an absolute pleasure and miracle worker. It provides practical tools and offers great support. I had suffered terrible sleep problems for two years… This app sorted out my sleep within a few months.”

“I have been using Sleepio for about two weeks now and it’s been really good. The sessions with the Prof are so well researched and very informative.”

“I had sleep problems for over 20 years. This year it had to change. Sleepio uses CBT, and I found it effective.”

What are you waiting for? Get the app and get some shuteye – you owe it to your health.

Download Sleepio for iPhone here.

October 2017