Switch this app on at bedtime and record anything that comes out of your – or your partner’s mouth – at night.

Yet another excellent idea has hailed from Sweden: The Sleep Talk Recorder app. This brilliant app picks up on any mumbling it hears at night and records it – to often hilarious effect. It will change the lives of die-hard protesters who’ve sworn forever that they neither talk nor snore in their sleep.

Launched in 2010, the app now has over 5 million downloads. It has a sleek interface and helpful individual settings for sensitivity and filtering. It records your nocturnal ramblings, lets you play them back in the morning and then allows you to add them to your favourites and share them with other users around the world.

The app’s creator, Martin Lindau, who comes from Gothenburg in Sweden, says: “Sleep Talk Recorder monitors your sleep, but it’s not just an ongoing recording. An advanced filtering function qualifies sounds and triggers Sleep Talk Recorder technology in a millisecond.

“We think most people are curious of what is happening during their sleep and when they’re not conscious. Many users have reported their delight in finally having solid evidence that their partner snores or says funny stuff.”

The app has, in some cases, been of medical benefit, too. One reviewer says: “I downloaded this app years ago for a laugh. It came up with great results. But since then, I’ve developed night terrors and hallucinations in my sleep and the app has helped me track at what times they occur and what patterns exist in my sleep, so it has a great medical advantage.”

Others report that they’ve identified the serious sleep disorder, sleep apnea, through it. Yet others have found it a useful way of recording the development of persistent coughs.

The only downside? You need to be careful of what you dream about now. You can run into the blissful land of nod, but you can no longer hide there!

July 2018