Just in: See this improved piano app that will have you playing in no time.

Want to learn the piano? Help is at hand here. Popular piano-learning platform Skoove, previously only available via web browser, has now launched on iPad.

Already, the interactive piano app has provided more than 200,000 lessons to players in over 187 countries. Skoove helps you learn to play the piano at home without the costs of expensive one-on-one tuition or the hassle of attending lessons. Now that the app is compatible with an iPad, these figures will shoot up; previously, it was a question of balancing a laptop behind a keyboard, so this is a most welcome upgrade.

The Skoove app offers musical training to beginners and advanced players covering technique, improvisation and music theory. Skoove’s virtual guide, which works on your desktop, laptop or iPad and all pianos and keyboards, takes the learner though every lesson. The screen shows a representation of a keyboard and hands hovering above. It’s up to you to put your hands on the right keys. The iPad’s in-built microphone listens to the player so the iPad can offer real-time feedback.

Where Skoove is clever, and why it is popular, is because it adapts to the needs of each player. It only moves on once they are ready and offers personalised help. Skoove helps the pianist to play the melody correctly and confidently – if an incorrect note is played, Skoove will flag up mistakes and encourage them to move to the next step. It uses easy-to-follow, real-time sheet music allowing beginners to pick up and read sheet music from lesson one. Once basic skills are mastered, Skoove can teach other skills such as composition and improvisation, enabling users to create their own masterpieces.

Beginners, refressers and intermediate players can try it out with free lessons and upgrade to Skoove Premium to enjoy full access, one-on-one learning support, and exclusive content with new lessons and music theory tips.

To download the app, visit itunes.

March 2017