Boost your emotional wellbeing with Shine, the wellness app.

Hands up whose life doesn’t move too fast? Hands up who wouldn’t benefit from a bit more mindfulness? Hands up who doesn’t need the app that is taking the wellness world by storm?

Download the Shine app and you will receive a daily text containing actionable tips that will help you be your best self at work and life.

Close friends Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey founded Shine in April 2016. They say: “Through our friendship, we leaned on each other to work through personal and professional milestones. We realised how lucky we were to find a constructive, peer-based support system for our daily wellbeing – and saw that nothing like that existed at scale.

“When folks struggled with a breakup, a toxic boss, financial stress, fears about the future and just normal, everyday highs and lows, they would to turn to media or to pricey options like coaching. There was no preventative, technology-driven solution that kept up with people as often as they were thinking about their wellbeing.”

So they made one! And the concept really seems to work. They now have over two million active users. Of the people who have received Shine texts, 93 per cent say that they are more confident and have noticed an improvement in their daily happiness.

“I am always looking at new ways to settle my mind through the day. Shine has really helped with that,” confirms one fan. Another says: “Shine starts my day in the right way. I love the little pep talk I get every morning.”

When you sign up for Shine, you’ll receive a daily message (from Monday to Friday) with quotes, research-backed articles, actions you can take and more – all to help you start off your morning on a great note.

Lidey’s final word? “We’re dominating the self-care routine of millennial women right now and we want to keep doing that.” You, too, could start to thrive today.

August 2018