Broaden your horizons with this subscription-only app that streams performing arts and cultural programmes from around the world.

There’s no doubt that Netflix has changed our lives. Gone are the days when you had to wait a whole week to watch the next episode of your favourite show or spend a fortune on DVD box sets in HMV. Thank God for that.

However, it is easy to be so reliant on the joys of Netflix that we forget what a wealth of other enriching stuff there is to watch. Dubbed the Netflix of the arts, Marquee.TV is set to change that. The London-based app, which was launched late last year, streams dance, theatre, opera and documentaries to a variety of devices.

Simon Walker, the platform’s CEO and co-founder, says: “The Marquee.TV philosophy is all about giving audiences the chance to take risks with what they watch and explore something they might not otherwise see, when time, finances and opportunity are scarce.

“Yes, our content includes the classics and some of the world’s most critically acclaimed performances, but we’re also driving our audiences to the new.”

A glossy opera performance from Glyndebourne? Bolshoi Ballet’s Swan Lake? The RSC’s Richard II? It’s all there and more.

While some reviewers have complained that Marquee.TV is compatible with too few devices, others are thrilled with the service. One said: “Great start to a fantastic source of art. After an intensive business career, I can now enjoy art in my home and on my iPad on demand.”

Chief operating officer, John Armah, has defined his hopes for Marquee.TV’s future, saying: “Drama is served by Netflix and Amazon Prime, but what happens for culture lovers?

“There has been fantastic growth in terms of NT Live and live performance on big screens but we haven’t made the final leap to the devices everybody has in their pockets and in their homes. That for us was one of the keys.”

At a seriously affordable £8.99 a month, Marquee.TV may yet make culture vultures of us all.

October 2018