Magic Belles

A brand new app to entertain the kids, welcome to a world of magic...

This is the brand new App (released yesterday) from the popular MagicBelles site. Aimed at 3 to 6 year olds, the site operates as an online magazine for young children with fun activities, games and a light educational touch. 


The MagicBelles in question are a set of six fairies, each with a different attribute such as Rainbows, Cupcakes and the like. Hold on, they’re right here so you can say hello yourself…

The Magic Music app is an interactive music generator aimed at children. Placing the different fairies on their respective stars activates a little fairy jingle that changes depending on both which, and how many, fairies are jamming together at that particular moment.


Those who are regular readers might remember a look at an online app called Seaquence, for those that don’t it can be found here. Magic Music is essentially the same sort of thing, a simple music sequencer, except it's designed solely with young children in mind.


It's nice to see an app developed that children can actually play with, the only question is how long their attention span will last, given there are only six fairies and limited musical patterns, having said that it is aimed at a young audience, so it may well be a case of 'the simpler the better.'

Magic Belles Music Magic is an entertaining app for its target market of small children, and it’s sure to keep them occupied in the car, whoever is driving...

September 2012.