This is the holiday app you should be downloading for quirky trips based on budget.

There are so many excellent travel apps that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the choice. We’re here to help by highlighting the few that you should know about. Introducing , a spontaneous trip budget-based planner app that was founded in 2014 and has recently been selected by EasyJet and Founders Factory for their accelerator programme.

The app, that works with Skyskanner and, is targeting potential holiday-makers who want something new but don’t know where to start. LuckyTrip aims to encourage people to be ‘spontaneous, explore and go on new adventures,’ by suggesting trips based on budget. ‘Quite often people just go with what they already know, choosing the same tourist spots as everyone else. We think this is because of the way traditional travel companies work,’ says LuckyTrip co-founder Tiff Burns; the other founder is his brother Alex Burns. ‘They all like to ask us, "where do you want to go?" But what if you don’t know where to go? We think for a lot of people a much more relevant question is ‘how much do you want to spend?’ LuckyTrip searches by budget, not by location. Tell us how much you want to spend and LuckyTrip does all the hard work for you. ’’

Download the LuckyTrip app, just set your budget on the onscreen slider and let the button decide. In just one tap, the app will instantly show you a trip to one of 300 destinations. It shows you a complete potential trip with somewhere to go, stay and something to make you happy. Not keen on any of the suggestions? Tap the ‘Lucky’ button again!

‘For too long now, the process of finding and booking a trip has been time consuming and complicated. The traditional travel sites are cluttered, with hundreds of choices that easily overwhelm you.’ The average user visits seven different platforms, spending over six hours researching a single trip.

‘We use the cheapest flights from Skyscanner, the best places to stay from and unique handpicked things to do chosen by us. If you don’t like a trip, keep on tapping ‘Lucky’ to generate trips to new locations. Save trips, share them with friends and book, all on your phone.’’

July 2017