In Your Pocket

The New York Times named it 'a cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks'...

In Your Pocket City Guides also deserve a mention this week, with their impressive and comprehensive guides to the capitals of Europe. Incisive editorial from their guidebooks is joined by a never-ending stream of regularly updated content, all of which has resulted in the much lauded guides gaining the accolade of "a cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks" 
from The New York Times.


A myriad of maps and transport schedules, the insight of locals who really know their designated areas, but the tool we’ve personally found the most useful is the wealth of information offline, perfect for when you’re out of the reach of a healthy dose of Wifi. Contact information for venues is another pro, not to mention a top notch currency calculator (brilliant), and just to top it all off weather forecasts for just about everywhere in Europe. Yes it seems down at developers meta4labs the devil's in the detail.


The guides are great, and at the knock down price of nothing at all, this is one app that provides serious value for money.

July 2013.