Tom Mercer, founder of MOMA, and his team of oatie-breakfast obsessives share their favourite foodie apps.

Frustrated by the same unhealthy breakfast options for commuters on the go, Tom Mercer left his life as a management consultant in London to find a solution. This led to the birth of healthy breakfast makers, MOMA.

First sold by Tom from a makeshift stand (in other words, a filing cabinet), MOMA soon found a home for their operations in a Deptford Railway arch. They sold their first breakfasts to the city of London’s commuters outside Waterloo station in February 2006. Following their success, MOMA continued to expand, opening stalls at Vauxhall and Canary Wharf.

It’s been a whirlwind journey and Tom and MOMA have come a long way since. Now their healthy oatie-inspired breakfasts are stocked in national supermarkets and food outlets across the country. Here, he shares some of his favourite foodie apps to whet your appetite.


Explore London and Paris with this highly curated and stunning guide to all of the best places to eat, drink and go out. This app is perfect for foodies with their finger on the pulse. It offers daily suggestions and recommendations - from fashionable food pop-ups, exciting exhibitions, the best nightclubs and bars — there’s something for everyone. A favourite feature is how it integrates with Citymapper and Uber to make venue-hopping a breeze.


We all dread that awkward moment at the end of a meal when it’s time to split the bill. Splitwise takes the stress out of sharing expenses - whether you’re out with friends, family or colleagues. The app keeps a running total over time, so you can pay each other back in one big payment, instead of a bunch of small ones. Splitwise will also notify you when you forget to pay someone back or visa-versa. Best of all, it’s totally free!


Farmdrop is the ethical answer to online food shopping. The grocery delivery app allows you to buy organic food directly from local farmers and food suppliers. With over 30,000 regular users, Farmdrop cuts out supermarkets who have been undercutting producers for years. You can buy your weekly shopping and know that the people who are producing your food are being paid properly. What’s really exciting is that Farmdrop has the power to drastically shake up our traditional food supply chain and give farmers a fairer deal.


CheckoutSmart rewards you for simply doing your weekly shop. CheckoutSmart is one of the best cashback apps for freebies. You can earn up to hundreds of pounds a year in cash rewards from your favourite brands, and choose from a wide range of supermarkets. Uploading receipts is really easy - all it takes is a quick photo. It’s also simple to cash out into either your bank account or PayPal. Also, if you’re taking out more than £20, you won’t have to pay a fee.


There is a reason why this diet and exercise journal app had a recorded 165 million users two years ago (and probably far, far more now) - it works! Everyone uses it in their own way — whether to calorie count, keep track of their diet or log exercise. It integrates with step-counters, other fitness apps and devices, including your Fitbit. Personally, I like to keep my food journal and study my macros to ensure I’m getting the right split of protein, carbs and fats. MyFitnessPal has a handy barcode reading feature that scans food packaging and speeds up the food logging process.

February 2018