Our favourite Master Pâtissier and Cake Boy Eric Lanlard shares his favourite apps...

Eric Lanlard is one of our favourite chefs here at the GWG, and for good reason - he is an award-winning Master Patissier who has revolutionised British patisserie. He's loved not only by us but by a range of A-listers too, his clientele including celebs like Madonna, Sir Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, Claudia Schiffer and George Michael. Without further ado - here are Eric's top five favourite apps. 

British Airways - 
BA is my airline of choice and the addition of this app to 
their service is just fantastic. All your travel arrangements in the palm of
 your hand... on-screen boarding pass, flight updates and offers. 
A great tool, especially for someone like me who always seems to be losing my

Weightbot - 
I like to keep fit and stay in shape (not easy being a chef) so this simple app is
great for recording your weight loss or intake and your body fat mass index. 
A feature of the app is that it offers nutritional advice (cupcakes do not feature highly!), as well as exercise suggestions to help you with your keep-fit mission. It does keep me on my toes, particularly during very busy periods when it is hard to fit exercise into the day – times like the run-up to Christmas!

Top Table - This is by far the easiest way to find and book a table at a restaurant. It describes each venue in detail – for example menu and style of food. It also allows you to choose a seating option (outside, windows, upstairs etc). Booking confirmation happens as soon as you book via e-mail and text to your phone. 

Amplitube - 
This a bit of a costly app but if like me, you like to think you are the next 
David Guetta, it is a brilliant tool to remix your favourite tunes. You can even transform your phone into a guitar or a piano. Suddenly the loneliness of a hotel bedroom becomes much more fun as you turn it in to your own club or concert room. I just need the Lasers app now!

O2 Priority Moments - 
This App is a brilliant addition to the O2 services. It has regular special offers on 
shopping and eating locally, using your location via mobile to give you the nearest deals. It also provides VIP access to O2 events, everything from concerts to rugby (I like that a lot!) ...we all love
 a bargain or feeling like a VIP - even if just for 5 minutes.

November 2012.