Get down with the millennials and shop with with Depop.

It is the part-eBay, part-Instagram, part-Pinterest shopping app that millennials have been using for ages, but Depop isn’t just for the under 30s, and its influence is growing all the time.

Founded in 2011, this youth-targeted selling platform cleverly combines a highly addictive social media-style interface and functionality with discount vintage and throwback fashion swag, allowing users to ‘like’ pieces, message each other and comment on items listed by fellow users while snapping up bargains from friends, strangers as well as their favourite celebrities and Instagram-influencers.

Among the 8 million plus users that now purchase and sell clothes, accessories and design pieces on the site, you might find Emily Ratajkowski’s bras, Dita Von Teese’s lingerie or fashion blogger Jayne Min’s shoes.

The format is picture led, but with the personality driven text-speak of the millennial in plentiful supply. “Are they real burberry?” says one commenter in response to a pair of Burberry-style checked trousers on sale. “naah just nova check babe” the seller responds. “This blazer is pretty bomb, people!” says Kurt Gooch of @icomebearingthrifts. “Hit me with sum offaz,” says seller @sarweighill (at uni so allow time for postage).

Prices range from as little as £4 into the hundreds with some very cool finds for the discerning shopper (even one well into their 30s). Be aware that the site takes 10% commission on each successful sale and that this is a tax not worth trying to circumnavigate by paying outside of the app (thieves inevitably operate).

Are you down with the kidz? If not, you could be missing out.

August 2018