Adriana of London-based luxury fragrance and candle brand Ancienne Ambiance shares her five favourite apps.

Whatsapp: It's the best way to send images quickly to people and txts, but great for long distance calls/video calls. I have so many friends abroad and it makes it so easy to keep in touch.

Waze: Good for all car journeys and gives you a heads-up whenever there is traffic. You can send your route and ETA to people, which is super handy.

Coco Nail Bar: Always have to have my nails done and this app just lets me rebook in a couple of clicks at my favourite salon!

Spotify: I have this app on my computer, phone and ipad. Usually use it with my Sonos system and to play music in my car.

Teamviewer: I'm so pleased they have an app for this that can be used on the phone/iPad. Lets you access to your desktop or laptop remotely, which I often have to do when I need access to computers that I'm not near (office/shop/on the go).

March 2018