New app by hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, who helped Adele and Ewan McGregor quit smoking.

Trying to stop smoking? The renowned addiction specialist Max Kirsten, recommended by celebrities Adele and Ewan McGregor, has released an app called Quit Smoking NOW.

After five years of failed attempts, Adele finally gave up her packet-a-day habit following a trip to Kirsten’s hypnotherapy clinic. Meanwhile Ewan McGregor said Max made quitting smoking seem ’effortless’ and appears in a video testimonial talking about the Hypnotherapy NLP App. ‘I used Max’s App years ago to give up smoking. I was a heavy smoker and I liked smoking and I didn’t want to give up, but I knew that I had to give up for my health and so that I could see my children grow old. I found it very difficult to stop smoking until I met Max and listened to his app. And thereafter I found it quite easy to give up. It’s like a 45-minute session that you listen to, it makes you very relaxed and it takes away the cravings.’

High praise, indeed. In fact, the multi-award winning App was voted no.1 Stop Smoking App in The Sunday Times ‘The Apps List – the 500 Best Apps in the World’. It was also voted no.1 medical app January 2017 on iTunes App Store.

But what does the advanced hypnosis app offer? Quit Smoking NOW contains four sessions of hypnotherapy and uses a range of techniques to help people quit and encourage smokers to change the way they think. Kirsten assures users that the app will prevent any unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

The Stop Smoking Calculator helps users track their health and progress. Questions include – How many smoke free days? Cigarettes not smoked? Money saved? It offers the latest advice on how to avoid that usual unwanted weight gain and the latest news on smoking, 40-fact cards and two smoking galleries.

‘If you want to give up smoking and you get Max’s app, I can guarantee that it will be very helpful’ says McGregor. ‘It’s a really good tool and it will help you to give up smoking and live a much healthier life. ’

You can download Quit Smoking NOW with Max Kirsten on the iTunes App store for £4.99, less than your next pack of fags.

February 2017