Dror Ginzberg, talks about Wochit, the fast and simple video creation solution publishers rely on.

Wochit is a video creation platform empowering newsrooms, creators and brands to capture and expand audience attention through the power of video. Founded in 2012, Wochit makes current video footage accessible for anyone to produce and share at scale across all social and digital platforms. With Wochit, videos can be created quickly, using pre-negotiated, rights-cleared assets from AP, Reuters, Getty, Bloomberg and many more sources.

Co-founder and CEO of Wochit, Dror Ginzberg has over twenty-five years of experience in technology with a focus on video and related technologies. Here he talks about the business.

We came up with the idea when... As digital began its ascent in the media world, I foresaw that publishers could be under-prepared for the emergence of dynamic content production and delivery. I wanted to offer these companies a solution that would simplify the complexities of this new media landscape.

Then I had a conversation with a friend working on Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). As we watched the information presented at the end of an episode we figured there had to be a way to take something already published in text and easily make a video out of it. We then realised there was a bigger opportunity to help businesses create video at scale.

The biggest challenge is... The initial push from concept to product. We had to prove to investors that our idea, which sounded crazy, could actually be implemented. To do this we invested personal money and took first-round funding from a firm who knew us and trusted us to be able to deliver – and we did. It took us around nine months to build the first working product. Looking back, it was very basic compared with where we are now.

The average day is spent... Travelling between Tel Aviv and NYC, or preparing to travel between these bases. Often people ask where I’m based and I usually say “United Airlines”, as around 10 per cent of my year is spent travelling. So, days are spent balancing my must-do list – the essential items to complete – and the pop-up to-dos – the unknowns.

The team consists of... Headquarters in NYC, a Research and Development team in Israel and an office in London covering EMEA and APAC. Key executives from the media space on our sales and marketing team and top notch tech gurus from the video and computer graphics on our research and development team.

Our/my favourite quote.. This is not a famous figure quote, but one of my favourite quotes comes from the Israeli Defense Force and that is “When there’s doubt, there’s no doubt”

I am where I am today because of... my desire to build great things, to leave a mark. My competitiveness and restlessness are also factors.

I am who I am mostly because of... I had to be completely independent from a very early age. I’m also who I am because my parents taught me human-ness and honesty first.

The best advice I've been given... For those who have already started on the startup journey, you know the experience is similar to that of a roller coaster. One day you feel like nothing can stop you, and then next, you feel like it’s the end of the world. The best advice I have been given is to learn to understand that the “low” moments are temporary. Just keep pushing – never give up.

In five years I’d like to be... Either still growing my company’s success, or doing it all over again with a new idea.

The thing no one ever tells you about running your own business online... How lonely being a CEO can be.

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us... There is no single big mistake, but a collection of mistakes... My lesson early on was that making mistakes is inevitable, identifying and fixing them fast is what matters.

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date... Clients that see value in the product the company creates is extremely rewarding. Seeing hundreds of them is even more rewarding. Seeing the pride taken by those people who created the product in the first place, is the biggest reward.

December 2016