appetico is a brand new app publishing tool for food writers and bloggers. Co-founder, Silke Werner tells us more...

Apps are the future when it comes to food publishing. That’s according to Silke Werner, one of the Berlin-based co-founders of appetico, a new online app publisher that allows cookery writers and publishers and food blogs and brands to create cooking apps quickly and easily, without spending a fortune on a programmer. But how does it work? What are its advantages compared with traditional publishing? And where did the idea come from? We caught up with Silke to find out more....

appetico is a brand new app builder targeted at... independent food authors, publishers and food brands who want to share their content via apps without the cost or time involved with hiring a programmer.

It started as a side project in March 2012... but we got serious about it in November when we successfully applied for a business accelerator program. One of the major hurdles was to find our first author. Most food authors hadn’t considered creating an app, and we had no proof that we were the people to help them.

Food apps are not only used for reading, but also for cooking in the kitchen... Therefore they need special features which are not provided by standardised app publishing solutions. With our apps, we want to inspire more people to cook healthy food at home instead of eating fast food.

appetico apps include features like... integrated kitchen timers, adjustable serving sizes and even a hands-free mode so you don’t have to touch the screen with dirty hands while cooking.

Our app building software... provides a structure as well as design templates for the apps, which run on 90 per cent of all mobile devices worldwide. We also deal with administrative tasks like publishing the app in the app stores like iTunes.

While the technical know-how of a programmer is important... creating a successful app isn’t possible without experts in other areas such as user interfaces, design and marketing.

The good thing about Appetico is that... it can be used instantly and delivers fantastic results based on our previous experience publishing apps. It’s also free to use (unless specific customisations are required). We earn money by sharing the revenue.

Apps don’t spell the end of traditional food publishing... but the mainstream has moved on because of the advantages of their digital counterparts.

In fact, food publishing is lagging behind some other areas of the industry in this regard... for example, many children's book publishers are already using software to create interactive apps.

Our main feedback has been unexpected... Food authors have said that, while they find the idea of writing a recipe book with 100 pages or more very daunting, with appetico, they can start publishing with less content, get feedback from their readers early and expand their apps over time.

Our first customers have been... independent food authors such as food bloggers. Over time, we expect to see more food brands and publishers getting involved.

So far, our best moment has been... when we finally launched our first cook app in June 2013. We got a lot of great feedback from all over the world.

We’re currently based in Berlin... Our team currently consists of two people, me and co-founder Christoph Neijenhuis. Whereas I am responsible for the business development and for designing the apps, Christoph does the software development - we are looking to expand our team soon.

Over the coming years, our main goal is... to take on more customers who’ll use our software to build beautiful apps with mouth-watering food content! To enable this, we want to keep extending our publishing software and our apps with more useful features.

One of my favourite apps that has been built using appetico is... The Vegan Nom Noms Cook App ( link to by Nicole, an American vegan food blogger living in Berlin. It was an exciting adventure for both of us and we’re very happy with the result!

July 2013