Fare Healthy is a sold out healthy lifestyle event taking place in Borough Market on 27 Sep. We caught up with its creator, Rose Lloyd Owen.

On 27th September, Fare Healthy, an event created to showcase some of the best in healthy eating, fitness and wellbeing, will take place at London’s famous Borough Market. Featuring chefs such as Deliciously Ella, Hemsley + Hemsley and Amelia Freer alongside Ten Pilates, Pai Skincare and Voga, sin-free cakes from The Hardihood ad Hen’s Clean Cakes, and many other delicious healthy food offerings, the event has already sold out.

Its creator, Rose Lloyd Owen, founder of Peardrop London, a healthy lunch delivery and catering service, has clearly tapped into the appetites of the moment. In the first of our new series of Instant Interviews, we posed some slightly off-the-wall questions to this rising food entrepreneur.

What’s your best trait? I’m the world’s best sleeper

And your worst? I never seem to go to bed

Your most over-used phrase? Where are my car keys??!

What would be your dying dinner? Something very heavily laden with cheese - and a beautiful, cold crisp white wine.

Who (dead or alive) would you invite to your dream dinner party? Delia Smith and Frida Kahlo - cosy and colourful all at once.

What would you cook? Cottage pie and Margharitas!!

Which kitchen gadget can’t you live without? Mandolin or griddle pan.

Describe yourself in five words Energetic, tactless, fun, naughty, late.

Tell us one thing that we might not otherwise know about you I loathe chilli. Can’t even eat black pepper, the heat drowns out all the other flavours for me.

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Insta. Food is so visual, tweeting about it doesn’t work.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Get down off the bar and put your dress back on (just kidding).

Who do you admire and why? My brother, who’s just walked across Europe in the blistering heat. He’s back at last, 3000 miles, five months, one big beard later, PLEASE sponsor him - he did it in aid of Walking with the Wounded, a noble cause!

What is your favourite app and why? Uber is pretty handy isn’t it? We delivered 200 lunches to Uber’s head office the other day. We put them in an uber. The driver was quite confused.

What is your favourite website and why? Green Kitchen Stories - just a feast for all the senses.

September 2015