We talk to Caroline Reid, founder of MumsMeetUp, the site connecting mums locally and across the UK.

MumsMeetUp.com connects mums locally and across the UK, enabling them to find mums like themselves in their area and playmates for their children. Mums sign up because it provides a quick and simple solution for them to find others in their area, in the same boat and to go on the journey of being a mum together. It allows them to initially make contact in a safe and secure environment. They are able to search for mums in their area, in similar circumstances, with children of similar age, and then arrange to meet up in person - creating proper real life friendships for them and their children. Founder, Caroline Reid, tells us more...

What was the inspiration for the site? It was built from my own experience of being a new mum in a new area many years ago. By getting together with other mums, my baby had playmates and it was a relief to realise that us mums had quite similar concerns as our babies grew up.

On returning to work and moving to another new area where none of our neighbours had children, we began to feel cut off from our local community. We often met up with friends from our old town at weekends, not knowing anyone in our new town.

So that was when I first had the idea that I wanted to find a way to make it easier for mums to connect.

When did you launch the site? It first went live online in 2010. It then underwent a design makover in 2015, making it responsive to all screen sizes and fully mobile friendly, and was relaunched in early 2016.

What are your greatest challenges? Being a single parent mum of two lovely daughters and building mumsmeetup.com

What's your background? I was a Legal PA for many years before learning to code.

Who do you admire in business? I admire all the mums out there who juggle motherhood as well as working, whether for themselves or others, and the non-working mums and dads who stay at home to raise their children doing what I think is the most difficult job of all.

Please recommend a website... It would have to be Airbnb.co.uk - we have found some amazing apartments around the world to holiday in thanks to Airbnb and we all need a holiday and to spend valuable time with our families.

What is the best piece of business advice you've been given? Expect failures and setbacks but embrace them as exciting challenges to be overcome.

What is your motto? Believe in yourself and your ideas because, if you don't, who else will?

Where do you see the business going from here? MumsMeetUp is a free service for mums. We have just developed an exciting new add-on which is undergoing testing and due to go live shortly.

Have you entered an award before? Yes, The Good Web Guide Awards in or around 2010. It was good to enter to find out that it was really not up to standard at that time as it was a boost for future improvements that have now been implemented.

Where did you hear about the GWG Awards? I have received your email newsletters for years now, which I enjoy reading, and that is where I read about this year's Awards.

Juy 2016