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Anna Tyzack tells us how she plans to inspire new mums with her small but perfectly-formed resource. is a small but perfectly-formed resource to inspire mothers through the highs, lows and baby brain moments of motherhood. We talk to founder, Anna Tyzack, to find out more.

Mumfidential is part mummy blog (we've got great writers - Esther Walker, Annabel Karmel, Nell McAndrew), part advice portal (the biggest names in sleep, breastfeeding and pre/postnatal exercise are at the ready) - and a directory of cooking, shopping and travel ideas (all baby-minded, of course!). And it looks beautiful - that's very important to us!

What was the inspiration for the site? When my first child, Hector, now three, was born, I hadn't got a clue about breastfeeding, Bugaboos or baby classes. He arrived early, so I hadn't done an antenatal course and I'd been too superstitious to read any books or buy any kit (ridiculous, I know). So in those first weeks of motherhood I turned to the internet and couldn't find any of the answers I was looking for. That's when I started dreaming up my second baby, Mumfidential!

When did you launch the site? January 2015.

What are your greatest challenges? It's all a huge learning curve and I still feel I'm at the beginning of it. We have a wonderfully supportive and loyal readership but I'd love our articles to be reaching more mothers. I've also found it very hard to find a good developer: they seem to be like gold dust.

What's your background? I'm an editor and writer for the Daily Telegraph. My business partner is a very clever entrepreneur.

Who do you admire in business? Lauren Child, the creator of Charlie and Lola, who has managed to make an enormous success of her beautiful illustrations and quirky stories (my children adore them). I'm also seriously impressed by anyone who manages to run a profitable newspaper, magazine or website while publishing interesting, informed articles with integrity.

Please recommend a really useful website that helps you promote your business... Urgh, it's so unoriginal, but Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I'd also recommend pixabay for free images and my site is a simple Wordpress £50 theme, and it would have cost many thousands to have it designed from scratch. has reformed my expense management and has been useful - but you have to be cautious: I did get stung on one occasion by a rouge developer! is my latest conquest - I'm trying to set up some quizzes on the site.

What is the best piece of business advice you've been given? Before you do anything, draw up a business plan with a clear idea of where your revenue will be coming from (I didn't follow it, of course).

What is your motto? Tomorrow we might just hit the big time...

Where do you see the business going from here? We have plans afoot to ensure we are even more useful to mothers.

October 2015