Malcolm Lewis, founder of MoppedUp, talks about the new app bringing house cleaning into the 21st century.

MoppedUp – a new app bringing cleaning into the 21st century. MoppedUp provides a smarter way for users to create to-do lists on the go and ensure that their cleaner will focus their time on the tasks that matter each week. We catch with founder, Malcolm Lewis to find out more.

I came up with the idea... when I noticed I was often leaving notes to my cleaner asking for different things to be done. MoppedUp allows people to communicate the cleaning they want done. In London there are plenty of companies that will come to your door in seconds to clean which is great, but then what, how do they know what I want doing, how do they know the last time my fridge was cleaned or the last time my mattress was flipped?

MoppedUp fixes this, it allows the homeowner to create a to-do list which the cleaner can then follow – the list is portable so if you change cleaner you can connect with them. We also built an auto email function into the app so if a cleaner doesn’t have an Apple device then the schedule will be emailed the day before they arrive to clean.

The biggest challenge is... convincing the cleaning market that change is a good thing.

The average day is spent... talking to cleaning companies and educating them in the benefits of the app. Most cleaning companies start out with a cautious view but once they see how it can help them to communicate with their customers, they really get into it.

Most instances of an unhappy customer can be mitigated or quickly resolved if you are able to communicate – this means the companies can increase their customer retention levels.

The other main parts of my time are spent looking at future developments and spreading the word about MoppedUp.

The team consists of... myself and a crack team of freelancers. It’s tough being a solopreneur as most of the decisions are an internal battle with yourself.

My favorite quote... 'A clean home is a happy home.'

I am where I am today because... after working for twenty years, I have a lot of life experience as well as work experience. I have met a wide range of diverse people, who unknowingly, have assisted in my success path.

I am who I am because... the knockbacks have built a stronger and more resilient me .

The best advice I've been given... From my father, who said at a low time, "Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on."

In five years I'd like to be... overseeing a globally distributed app that connects homeowners and cleaners whilst expanding the product offering. I’m considering seeking funding as I would like to aggressively expand and that requires a bigger team and access to a bigger finance pool.

The thing no one ever tells you about running your own business... You always hear how great it is and how rewarding it is so that’s nothing new - but hearing it and experiencing it are two very different things. I now read less about how others do things, spend more time just doing it and I’ll work out if it’s the right or wrong way as I go.

The most rewarding experience we've had to date... I’ve had some big successes but it's all under pinned by the approval of the app in the Apple store – as it’s the first and only app of its kind, I was initially concerned that what I was suggesting was either bonkers or would be badly received, this hasn’t turned out to be the case!

To download the app, click here.

March 2016