Nutritional health coach and bestselling author Madeleine Shaw talks Mr Bean, chocolate brownies and reveals her essential kitchen gadget.

Nutritionist to the stars, chef, yoga teacher and best-selling author of Get the Glow, Madeleine Shaw is a young star-in-the-making who started a food blog aged just twenty-two and has since managed to carve out a space for herself in an already-saturated healthy living market place. Her secret? To offer balanced, quick and easy recipes that don’t cost the earth – or take forever - to make.

With 41k followers on Twitter and 224k followers on Instagram, Madeleine’s fans are plentiful and this month welcome the release of her latest book, Ready Steady Glow. We caught up with the healthy living guru to find out some little known facts about her life, loves and inspirations.

What's your best trait? My smile

And your worst? My lack of tidiness

Your most over-used phrase? Hey babe, or amazing, or incredible...

What would be your dying dinner? Steamed mussels in a big pot shaken up with broccoli and beans!

Who (dead or alive) would you invite to your dream dinner party? Marilyn Monroe - shes' a babe. Mr Bean - I was in love with him when I was younger. It's kind of embarrassing but I'd love him to come for dinner. Ottolenghi - he's my food idol.

What would you cook? A good old roast chicken with veggie and to finish it off, chocolate brownies. Everyone loves a roast and brownies. The dream combo.

Which kitchen gadget can't you live without (and why)? My blender! I literally use it for everything. If you follow my recipes, you'll know it's a staple. Invest in a good one and it will last you for life.

Describe yourself in five words... Happy, confident, hard-working and active.

Tell us one thing that we might not otherwise know about you...I did just say but when I was younger I fancied Mr Bean... a lot.

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? I love all three but I'm going to say Instagram because I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Before I left Australia to come back to the UK, my friend said to me "There's only one you, and you will bring something different to the world which no one else can."

Who do you admire and why? My mum. She's my inspiration. She has an amazing outlook on life, she's super active and she taught me to cook from a young age.

I couldn’t live without... Chocolate!

What is your favourite app and why? Glow Guides! It's my eight week transformational programme - your pocket personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach all in an app... I know I'm biased because I created it but I love seeing how it's changed people's lives.

The recipes in there are awesome, and I've teamed up with my best friend and personal trainer, Shona Vertue, who has helped create some booty burning workouts. There are also lots of yoga classes and meditations in there to get your mind strong as well as your body.

What is your favourite website and why? Really great food inspiration - her recipes and food photography are unreal.

Portrait: Ellis Parrinder

April 2016