We chat to Emma Paisey, founder of the Devon based home accessories and gifts boutique, celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Daisy Park specialises in shabby chic home accessories and gifts, which have been carefully sourced from brands including Newgate Clocks, East of India, Cath Kidston, Pip Studio, Miho, Emma Bridgewater and several others. We chat to Emma Paisey, the company's founder, as it celebrates its fifth anniversary in business.

To be honest we haven't celebrated yet... as we've been lovely and busy but we will make some time in the summer to celebrate with the Daisy Park team down at the beach here in North Devon.

Customers are certainly more discerning and cautious these days... I notice more customers saving to buy items they want and purchasing over a longer period of time especially if they are collecting a range.

Social media is fun but very time consuming... We have a wider international audience following us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. It's also a great way to showcase new product quickly.

There is definitely more competition on line with bigger companies heavily discounting which is definitely hard to compete with and we just can't compete with them... So we try and offer better customer service than the big boys by making experience personal and all about the customer.

As for any time management tips for a better work/life balance... Whats that? We do try and make sure we get our holidays booked in so we have to take them but I still feel guilty taking them. I make sure at 9 o'clock at night I sit down and read for a couple of hours. I love losing myself in a good book. This has taken me a few years to do though but it's worth taking time out.

I couldn't live without these apps... Pinterest and Instagram, love, love, love. They're fun and I spend so much time on them, too much to be honest.

Describing the brand in three words... Country, Service & Quality

Any testimonial is fantastic... and it's wonderful when someone takes five minutes out of their busy lives to pen a testimonial. Here is one of my favourites.

"Dear Emma,
As a consumer I appreciate your service very much. There are a few rules in sales that give customer satisfaction which make people want to shop with you again. This in turn makes you a profitable living and hopefully also makes your work enjoyable. I have never understood why more people don't understand and do this. It's a mystery!!

You obviously do understand this and you give an excellent service and make the customer feel special no matter how much or how little they spend.

Well done Emma and co. I will be recommending you to my friends and family and I will be returning.

Many thanks and my best wishes to you all."

We moved at the end of 2012 to a much larger shop and I was petrified... I never thought I'd fill it, never thought it would look lovely and never thought we could afford to do it, but we did it all. I think we've already outgrown it. I absolutely love the space as our previous shop was so very tiny and this new store looks fresh and modern. I'm very proud of what we've achieved. It took a lot of late nights painting and decorating but well worth it.

I recently attended a local business seminar with like minded business people... It was interesting, sparked some ideas and was good for networking. The TED podcasts are wonderful for inspiration and there is always something for everyone.

I am motivated by... the love of the business and knowing that we have a whole bunch of happy Daisy Parkers out there.

If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, I would say... Do it earlier and don't be scared. It always works out one way or another.

We are launching a new refreshed website and mobile version which is all very exciting... As an independent business, it's so difficult financially to keep changing the look but it's been two years so time for a revamp. We have a great relationship with a local design firm and they completely get what we are about.

And my best trait... I like to think I'm positive, friendly and kind. I wish I was a hard face business woman but thats just not who I am I guess/

Finally, websites that I like to browse to unwind... the Kindle and iTunes book apps are my absolute favs. I have so many TBR (To be read) books on file but it's addictive.

July 2013