We catch up with Ronke Adeyemi of BrownBeauty, the online beauty platform aimed at Women of Colour.

Pitch us the concept... BrownBeauty is a beauty platform aimed at Women of Colour, where they can read and talk about beauty issues that affect them.

The format is a website that acts as an online magazine where we review beauty products, feature Women of Colour in the beauty industry and find out about different women's skincare regime and the products they carry in their make-up bags. Then there is a Twitter discussion that takes place every Sunday between 8pm and 9pm where we cover topics from foundation, make-up and hair care to issues such as going natural, the image of Women of Colour in the media and the lack of Black models on the catwalk. 

We came up with the idea when... We saw a need for a forum for Women of Colour to discuss beauty issues. While topics such as finding the perfect red lipstick, blusher and body cleanser interests us there are also topics that specifically apply to us such as going natural, transitioning from having a relaxer to natural hair and sourcing foundations that are purse friendly.

The biggest challenge is... Getting noticed on Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. With so many brands and people on Social Media these days it is really hard to get noticed so we have to be really innovative. Working with limited resources - as a start-up company we do not have a huge budget  so we have to make every penny count. 

The average day is spent... No day is the same, which is the beauty of this job (no pun intended) but in general I spend my days replying to emails, researching stories, commissioning stories, writing posts, editing copy and reading beauty blogs and publication. I will also tweet and Instagram throughout the  day. I might attend press days or launches in the afternoon or evenings or I could be booked in for a breakfast meeting or a treatment. 

Like any job in the 'sexy' industry editing a beauty website can be very glamorous but on the flip side there are the humdrum tasks such as admin, scheduling posts, and analysing our stats and top posts. 

The team consists of... Me and eight wonderful writers who do a fantastic job. 

Our USP... We are the only online beauty magazine aimed at Women of Colour based in the UK. We are also the only brand that hosts a Twitter discussion on beauty aimed at Women of Colour on a Sunday evening. 

In five years we’d like to have... An award winning huge brand that is recognised by consumers and industry.

Our best piece of advice for gaining investment... Tailor your business plan and make sure that your bottom line is rock solid. In other words when you do your finances make sure that there is a clear line of profit so investors can see when and where their investment will pay off.

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us... I would say the look of the site. It was put together very quickly so I did not get time to really create the visual concept. I am happy with it but when I do rebrand it will have a much more streamline look.

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date... It is a great experience hearing great feedback about the brand. As we are online it can be really hard to tell how people receive us so to hear people tell us how much they love the site is wonderful. I think the most rewarding experience is when a reader told us that she always relied on our website to decide whether she wanted to buy a product or not. That is pretty amazing.

16 October 2014