2016 GWG Awards' judge, Stefano Maruzzi, VP of GoDaddy EMEA, explains the elements that he looks for in a winning website.

We asked the judges of the 2016 GWG Awards for some pointers on what they looked for in a winning website. Stefano Maruzzi is GoDaddy Vice President EMEA based in London, UK. GoDaddy is the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small business, empowering small businesses with the solutions they need to successfully create and grow their businesses online.


It obviously depends on the nature of the site. In general, though, these are the elements that help me build a 'first impression':

Download speed: Has to be super, super, super fast

Immediacy: No doubts about the nature, content, mission and objective of what the site owner intends to convey

Aesthetics: Imagery, colours, readability and overall look & feel

Navigability: Answering any questions should be easy and natural thanks to the exposure of links to relevant areas of the site

Simplicity: All the essential pieces of information should be there as a consequence of a good initial design to create a seamless experience

Operability: Test the site on every major browser and device


• Focus on what you intend to communicate and embrace the consumer perspective

• Search engine visibility is key to drive eyeballs

• Maintenance and evolution over time is as important as the initial design

• One picture is worth 1,000 words works on the web as well

• Mobile optimised is a must. The site has to render PERFECTLY on any type of mobile device

• Plan ahead, having in mind how to grow the SEO contribution. For example, later interventions and modifications are often expensive, ineffective, and hard to implement

September 2016