How often do you go to a hotel or restaurant and covet the things you see around you?

Such treasures can now be yours, thanks to a clever new website called The Room Service.

Having fallen in love with a pair of lamps while on holiday in Majorca, former barrister Sophie Coryton had a brainwave. Her idea was to launch a platform selling and celebrating the beautiful items created by craftspeople whose work appears in design-led hotels and restaurants.

“In the past 10 years, we’ve witnessed a movement in the foodie world towards provenance,” she told The Telegraph Magazine when her site launched in May.

“A restaurant or hotel’s credentials are enhanced by its ability to talk about the origins of its food, especially if it’s locally sourced. We’re setting out to do the same for interiors, giving a voice to craftspeople and designers whose names are often lost in commercial spaces.”

A self-confessed travel junkie, hotel lover and design enthusiast, Coryton was perfectly placed to track down the mix of heritage brands, independent designers and little-known craftsmen who sell their wares through her site.

When you place an order with The Room Service, you are ordering directly from this talented bunch. The makers set their own prices and delivery costs and package and send everything to you themselves.

The website itself is a work of art. Exquisitely designed, it features a lovely journal and charming potted histories of the brands on offer, as well as the online shop bursting with dreamy accessories, ceramics, textiles and pieces of furniture.

High on our wish list here at the Good Web Guide are 31 Chapel Lane’s perfect Irish Linen Tea Towels, though they may arguably fall into the “too good to use” category.

We also love Inq’s Turkish Blue Marbled Lampshade, which was initially created for the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath.

The Room Service is a nifty way to bring a bit of your holiday home with you.

September 2018