No longer do we have to buy extravagant pieces for our homes – we can just as easily rent them. Check out Harth, the UK’s first furniture-rental platform.

Collaborative consumption just hit the home. Airbnb did it for property, Borrow My Doggy for pooches and Task Rabbit for the to-do list. Now Harth has come along to do it for interiors.

This slick, new, members-only site rents out antique and contemporary accessories, sofas, chairs, tables, lighting and fine art to those who fear commitment, move around a lot or are held back by their budget.

Harth’s mission is to help us: “Bring true flexibility to interiors, by making it possible to change any space in whatever way we like, for as long as we like, quickly, easily and with complete peace of mind.

Rent furniture, accessories and artworks from the world’s best interior design brands, makers, artists, galleries and dealers. Lend and borrow pieces to and from other members.

Own less stuff, and surround yourself with things that inspire you.”

Harth is the result of a collaboration between the dynamic husband and wife duo, Ed Padmore and Henrietta Thompson. With her background in interiors journalism and his as an entrepreneur, they are well placed to make this clever concept a reality.

Because mega brands like Tom Dixon, Case Furniture, Talisman London and Loewe are on board, this site really could change the way we furnish our homes.

As Thompson told Elle Decoration magazine: “Currently, people tend to make big interior design statements with wallpaper, art and brightly painted walls rather than with furniture, simply because that is perceived to be easier to change.

“When you know something is only going to be temporary, it takes away a lot of the stress from the decision-making process. Will you still love it in five years? It doesn’t matter. Will it fit in with everything else? It doesn’t matter. If you can change everything easily, you can have a lot more fun.”

It’s time to funk up your furnishings, with mercifully minimal commitment.

January 2019