Come rain or shine, make your garden blossom all year round with bespoke handcrafted garden products from Robinson Garden.

We’ve picked out six of our favourite things from their site that we know you’ll covet for your own outside space.

Like most successful sites, Robinson Garden was created when the founder couldn’t find online what he was looking to buy. Founders Dominic and Nigel were on the hunt for a handcrafted bespoke dovecote with elaborate touches. When they couldn’t track one down, they handcrafted one for themselves. It was a beauty! Inspired, they then set up their garden furniture company Robinson Garden selling handcrafted bespoke and sustainable garden products produced in Great Britain.

Here we’ve picked six of our favourite products on their site.

Edwardian Dog Kennel, £749

Doggie decadence is not to be mocked - Just look at all the Insta-famous dogs and pet influencers on your phone. Man’s best friend deserves only the finest, which is why the Robinson Garden Edwardian Dog Kennel gets the thumbs up from the canine-crazy Good Web Guide team. The Edwardian Dog Kennel is beautifully hand crafted by the in-house carpenters in Lincolnshire, using traditional methods and tools. The kennel has a beautiful reclaimed Welsh slate pitched roof and can be painted in any Farrow & Ball colour. Lucky pooch.

Beaulieu Bird Table, from £345

Peek at the reviews on the site and you’re left with no doubt that the Beaulieu Bird Table is coveted by all who see it, both our feathered friends and us. This bespoke wooden bird table, finished with a reclaimed Welsh slate roof (oft considered the best slate in the world) and wood roof ridges is suitable for a wide range of wild birds. To top it off, all the Robinson Garden bird tables are painted in your choice of Farrow & Ball colour and feature a handcrafted Robinson Garden wooden mouse, made in Bali, Indonesia to help support the Fair Trade initiative.

Dovedale Dovecote, £1,275

Doves represent love and peace so what could be more romantic than the gift of a wonderfully handcrafted dovecote? Robinson Garden sells three dovecotes. At the top of our wish list is the Dovedale Dovecote, designed to house six pairs of doves; each pair accommodated in separate compartments. The dovecote can be either freestanding or fixed to the ground, with a finial of your choice and painted in any pretty Farrow & Ball hue. We’ve got our eye on a Blue Gray beauty.

Buckingham Wooden Garden Obelisk, from £405

There are all sorts of sensible reasons to invest in an obelisk in your garden; it can give your climbing plants a firm and attractive growing frame while providing height in your borders. Really, though, we consider it an item of beauty of its own accord and for this less sensible reason, it makes us smile. This Buckingham Wooden Garden Obelisk is designed and handcrafted in Lincolnshire and has a trellis on all four sides allowing smaller climbing plants to climb. You can personalise your own by choosing your Farrow & Ball colour and height (5ft, 6ft or 7ft) and finial (ball, acorn or unique).

Bronze Ornamental Bird Set of Three, £40

Give your bespoke bird table an instant sense of life with this set of three bronze effect finished water resistant birds. Or bring the ornamental birds inside to create a sense of nature and the wild outdoors within your own four walls. Wherever they end up, who could fail to admire the highly detailed bird ornaments that have touches of green and gold feathers?

Lyndhurst Birdbox, from £17.50

Did you know that birdhouses are crucial to the survival of the bird population? Natural nesting sites are being destroyed across the country as people tidy their gardens and repair old buildings. Do your bit to help birds survive by providing a place for them to rest and raise their babies. The Robinson Garden birdboxes come in a range of pretty pastel hues available at Farrow & Ball. Created by the UK’s top craftsmen, the Lyndhurst Birdbox is made using the highest quality sustainable materials. Position your nesting box in a tree, wall or garden structure.

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By Annabel Jack

April 2019