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Shoot Factory

Luxe locations agency with exceptional contacts in the film and television industries.

So you’re sitting on a beautiful property, are looking to make some extra cash out of it; but you don’t want lodgers, you don’t want to rent it out… So what do you do with it? Offer it up as a prime film location of course! Yes there are thousands of production companies out there just dying to offer you more than a few pennies for the use of your home/office/holiday rental. One of the very best companies we’ve found to date is the uber hip Shoot Factory; an utterly luxe locations agency with exceptional contacts in the film and television industries.


There are no sign up or admin fees and with an extremely selective team of scouts, you’re ensured a level of trust that will make the entire experience an utter joy from the first take right through to ‘it’s a wrap’. Your home will soon have ‘location house’ written all over it…


Your property will be returned in the exact the state it was found in. Shoot Factory’s contacts are first rate and they’ll make sure your home is looked after to the highest possible standard. They will also deal with any problems on your behalf, and ensure the entire process runs as smoothly as a Downton shoot at Highclere Castle…


This is a location agency with a comprehensive list around the globe. Whether it’s a villa, castle or beach property you’re the proud owner of, Shoot Factory has an absolutely enormous and comprehensive database; film locations to die for - plus if you’re an interior designer, we have to say the website’s a sneaky peek into some absolutely incredible residences.


You’re most likely an urban cyberite with more than a penchant for artistic, creative décor and have a property that looks more than at home in the pages of Wallpaper or Architectural Digest. You shop at Borough Market, you eat at Polpo, you dance the night away in a private villa in Ibiza…


Shoot Factory doesn’t discount smaller properties however, as even tiny studios are featured on the site; plus you’ll also find a plethora of quirky dwellings such as houseboats, chapels and even a camper van. No property is too small. It must be unique however; absolutely nothing else will cut the mustard.


Of course if you’re on the other side of the fence and are on the hunt for the perfect location for your film/photographic shoot/television series, then look no further. Shoot Factory really do have the crème de la crème of locations at their finger tips and foster fantastic relationships with all landlords, making the entire process hassle free; one less thing to worry about; particularly when contending with a deadline.


This really is a high brow locations agency if ever there was one; with some seriously high spec properties. A little Shoreditch House, a little Philippe Starck, a little Greenwich village, yes if you’re achingly hip; want to recoup some of your initial property investment and meet some radical film folk in the process; (it’s a great way of making contacts) then this domain is your first port of call. Just register online, send in some snaps - pass go and collect $200, or significantly more; yes they do pay well these film folk. Ahh – now that was easy; and the Oscar goes to (surprise surprise)…. Shoot Factory!

July 2012