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Location Partnership

Turn your house into a money spinner by letting it out for filming.

Location Partnership has built a big name in the film locations business, helping directors, producers and photographers find locations worldwide. These professionals look to Location Partnership and their extensive expertise in the business to come up with potential locations for film, TV, commercials, photoshoots and events.

Location Partnerships boasts that it has one of the largest libraries of images, over half a million, many of which can be viewed online. The company is always on the lookout for new properties to add to their register.

It costs the house owner nothing to register. You need to take photographs (in landscape format) of both interiors and exteriors. Complete the registration form, which you can print off from the site and then send in your portfolio. If Location Partnerhip hooks you up with a shoot, they will take 10% commission, plus VAT on top.

Letting your home out for filming might seem like a lucrative idea but as Location Partnership points out, it is not an easy ride. Your house could teem for days on end with a full film crew in tow (sometimes numbering more than thirty) and a vast amount of equipment. Photographic projects are run on a smaller scale and are thus more manageable. The knock on effect not only hits you and your family, but you have to consider your neighbours and the disruption in your street and vicinity.

Even if it does seem an attractive thought that George Clooney could be sitting in your kitchen, think about the implications first.

At the other end of the spectrum, Location Partnership's well designed site allows the professionals to search their library online to find that perfect location.