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The Victorian Society

Help preserve our history and heritage.

If you care even a smidgen about keeping the beautiful, irreplaceable architecture of the Victorian and Edwardian periods which provide us with so much history and heritage, then you should take a look at The Victorian Society site. Highly informative, the site has much advice to give, from how to help campaign against the demolition of a building, to how to maintain Victorian fireplaces and tiling. With events, magazines and journals available, you can be fully informed of Victorian and Edwardian architecture.


There are plenty of events to get involved in, including a tour of Nottingham's Victorian architecture, a tour of the sculptures in St Paul's Cathedral, a walk in the 'romantic' cemetry and church in Stoke Newington, as well as various lectures on topics from Scott and stained glass, to the depths of London's Victorian Sewers.


As well as there being a good array of advice for homeowners on the website - on listed buildings, Victorian fireplaces, kitchens, windows and more - there are several publications available for purchase (or free for members) including the magazine, 'The Victorian', the Victorian Society journals, the popular illustrated booklets on different aspects of Victorian houses, as well as occasional feature publications.


Help to save important buildings and learn about their past by becoming a member of the society. Membership starts at £29 and entitles you to the thrice-yearly magazine, The Victorian Society journals and access to all events, including visits to Victorian and Edwardian buildings not usually open to the public. You can join online securely through PayPal or by post.

19 August 2011