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New Designers

A unique resource for the design industry

New Designers offers a unique resource for the design industry, bringing the best of everything from architecture to animation, furniture to fashion, graphics to glass and more. A comprehensive directory, it allows homeowners, journalists, interior designers and design companies alike to recruit, commission or discover new and inspiring work from a huge pool of fresh design talent.


Each year, New Designers hosts an event, in which it presents 4,000 graduates from various artistic and design colleges and courses across Britain to 17,000 industry visitors, helping them to launch their careers and develop valuable contacts. Over two weeks, New Designers acts as a conduit between these two audiences, helping graduates find work and offering the industry the opportunity to discover emerging design talent. The launch of the New Designers website helps to continue this support for the rest of the year.


New designers are listed on the database via the List of Designers and under the University/College where they trained. Much like Facebook or the other social networking sites, designers signed up to the database will be given their own profile. Within this, they can upload up to ten images, personal details, information relating to skills and qualifications, press cuttings and media information, contact details plus
links to their own website (if they have one) and an email, though it is unclear on the site whether they will be charged for this privilege.


Visitors looking for products or designers on the site can search via the Directory of Designers by, Name, Discipline, University/ College, Award Winners, Area of Residence and a selection of other options, looking quality images of each designer’s work and assessing their aims, skills, experience via their profile (detailed above). Click on the Events & News section for information about what’s on and enjoy a clear, clean design and lay-out as you browse. A useful resource for all involved.