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An online think tank for collectors, curators, designers and design enthusiasts alike.

DeTnk is an online think tank dedicated to everything relating to modern contemporary design, architecture and interiors.

An extremely well-thought out and detailed website, DeTnk approaches each work from a relevant and academic perspective. It helps to put designs in context by connecting them with news, interviews, opinions, exhibitions and exchange, providing a fresh perspective to the designs themselves, and expanding the margins of design discourse and debate into a public forum.

An excellent resource for both collectors and design enthusiasts alike, its primary features include:


An online platform dedicated to providing news, articles and discussions on contemporary design. Whilst the Diary informs you of upcoming events and exhibitions, Articles cover book and exhibition reviews as well as interviews and essays. Discussions provides a chat forum where designers, curators and the public can discuss the hottest issues challenging the design world online.


An online curated space showcasing contemporary design from up and coming and established designers. This section showcases work from Current Exhibitions and designers and even allows you to submit your own work.


A commission free network connecting interior designers, collectors, curators and dealers, this allows visitors to shop with ease, and for a fixed fee, showcase their objects to potential buyers they might otherwise never reach.


Watch and share professional and amateur design videos, clips and Podcasts covering a broad spectrum of topics including design, architecture, materials, process, production, exhibitions, fairs, forums and interviews.


A global reference tool covering essential design books, galleries, shops and listings of designers profiles and work.