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COLOURlovers: Inspiring creative source for the design community and beyond.

A colour and design community that is full of creative inspiration, COLOURlovers, shares its love of colour with the world, covering over one million colour names, hundreds of thousands of colour palettes and patterns as well as comments and ratings, interviews, articles and news.


Whoever could have guessed that colour could provide enough inspiration and ideas to create a whole website dedicated to it? If you were ever in any doubt, COLOURlovers has proved that this is not only possible, but possible to do very, very well. This is a very slick and well-designed website, easily searchable, easy on the eye and useful for browsers, designers, advertisers and creatives alike, who may be looking for ideas.


The search bar at the top of the homepage is divided into categories including: Forum, a community where colour lovers can showcase their work, get tips and critiques on projects they are working on and even share secrets in the Lovers’ Lounge; Palettes, which showcases a number of different colour combinations and patterns; Colours, which lets you search thousands of colours; Trends, which lets you search popular magazine or website colours. Within the Blog section, a number of sub-categories are divided into News, Articles, Trends and Interviews, and these provide excellent reading material for those looking to learn more about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of colour.


A proper community site, COLOURlovers has loads of groups and active members; you can view Recently Active Members via a box, filled with the invariably colourful photos or designs that represent them. A hugely inspiring site for the creative community.