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Apartment Therapy

A comprehensively brilliant design site from which you’ll never look back.

If you’re stuck for design inspiration in your home, or need some interiors advice, there are few websites as genuinely interesting, informative and rich with ideas as Apartment Therapy.


An American website, founded by small-space guru Max Gillingham-Ryan, Apartment Therapy combines fascinating insights and tours of real-life apartments across New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, DC and Boston with a buzzing online community and instructive tips and tricks which you can apply to your own home. The site is a pleasure to browse, with high quality imagery of all manner of cleverly decorated, well-thought out apartments (don’t visit this site if you are prone to envy) and an intuitive lay-out.


Visitors can browse the site by categories, each of which has their own URL, for example Home Design (, Technology (, Children (, Green ( and Cooking ( Within these, examples of real homes, gadgets, children’s rooms, outdoor spaces and kitchens are presented alongside themed articles, offering take-home information to the visitor. Members of the community can post comments and ask questions under each article or share it on a variety of social media outlets.


A list of top five tours and top five posts appears down the left-hand side of pages and the top articles within each of the categories can be found at the bottom. Though Apartment Therapy has an American focus, those interested can find apartments in non-US locations by entering London or Paris or Morocco for example in the search box. Be sure to visit the new online Marketplace, where you can find shops listed by US cities or countries worldwide. Picked by Clancy Martin as one of his favourite sites, Apartment Therapy is a comprehensively brilliant design destination from which you’ll never look back.

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3 June 2010