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Planning Portal

Useful resource with tools for planning home extensions.

Planning Portal is the Government's online planning and building regulations resource that helps both the general public and professional users through the process of applying for planning permission.

This site should be the first port of call for anyone wanting to find out about the planning system and building regulations in England and Wales. It provides a one-stop-shop supplying answers, services and information to anyone involved in the planning process - from home owners and businesses to planning professionals and Government officials.

Changes in policy and the latest guidlines for local authorities implementing e-planning solutions are filed here. As the planning system develops, the Planning Portal will guide users through the process, helping to ensure that their experience is as efficient and user-friendly as possible.


The site has a number of worthwhile tools to help the householder find out about planning in your local area and the kinds of development that are allowed. Check out the visual guides that outline common household projects. The volume calculator works out the area and volume of your works to see if planning permission is required. Whilst the fee calculator helps you work out the cost of any particular planning application (ranging from a simple householder development to large scale schemes such as housing schemes or industrial estates) by asking a series of questions.