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France Property Shop

Property for sale in France.

Providing a highly effective platform for the advertising of French properties, France Property Shop is aimed at both private sellers and larger agents, who wish to reach the largest French-property-buying audience.


Lauched in 2007, France Property Shop has since overtaken many of the leading French and overseas property sites and is currently ranked ‘number 1’ on Google for key search terms. There are currently over 100 agents on the site and around seven new agents join each month – no doubt they are joining to take advantage of the free, automatic promotion that France Property Shop gives to all featured properties on Google Base, and Twitter, as well as the 30,000 monthly visitors to the site, who log on in search of a French property.


France Property Shop advertises in all the leading French property magazines, including French Property News, France and Living France, as well as newspapers and websites. It costs less to advertise on than many of the leading property portals and allows advertisers unlimited text descriptions and pictures within their adverts, as well as the facility to upload floor plans, PDF files and videos. Needless to say, this makes it a very appealing place to search for a French property.


As a user of this site, you can expect to enjoy an easy browsing experience and an instant guide to the best properties in your desired area of France. In addition to this, visitors can benefit from Region Guides, information on Moving to France, and details on French Healthcare, Currency and getting a French mortgage. Users can even search for properties close to their chosen transport links such as airports or ferry ports, and can also search local amenities or book hotels nearby. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, France Property Shop is well worth bearing in mind.

8 December 2010